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B-Intense ® draws on the experience of a centuries old tradition in heat treatments. At the same time, developers have sought the best of the achievement gained in recent decades infrared technology. Collected know-how has been optimized to benefit the wellbeing of B-Intense® customers during infrared treatments.

B-Intense® infrared specialists are always on the lookout for new solutions amongst the latest gains in science and technology. Moreover, B-Intense® satisfies desires for product design and maximum functionality. Shape and finish are the result of expertise in product design and the work of wood finish specialists.

A B-Intense® infrared sauna is aesthetically pleasing and elegant as well as a place for relaxation either privately at home or commercially in a hotel. B-Intense® offer an evolved n-intense® model series for different requirements and uses. B-intense® infrared specialists are always happy to plan your infrared needs with you.

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