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By 1920 all of the Jacuzzi Brothers had immigrated to the United States, determined to change the world with their inventions. Starting by laying roots in the aviation industry, their invention of a hydraulic aircraft pump led them to the creation of a deep well agricultural pump.

By the 1940’s, 15-month-old Kenneth Jacuzzi was diagnosed with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. When travelling for hydrotherapy treatments at a distant hospital began to wear on his child, Candido redesigned the agricultural pump into what’s known as the J-300™ hydromassage pump, turning any soaking bathtub into relaxing and rejuvenating hydro-therapeutic spa, and allowing Kenneth to return to the family home.

Overwhelming demand for the hydromassage pump led to the founding of Jacuzzi in 1956 and the whirlpool bathing category was born. Since then, the company continued to lead and grow the new industry, from integrating pumps and jets into their flagship bathtub to launching their first bath that worked both indoors and outdoors. And as the first to highly-engineer jets, the Jacuzzi® Brand has become synonymous with jetted hydrotherapy and well-being.

With a foundation in health and wellness and a dedication to research and innovation, Jacuzzi continues to develop products that improve lives and lead the industry.

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